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Intelligence Platform

that increases the Customer Value to your Organization

What is it?

User-Friendly Customer Intelligence Platform

All your customer data integrated in one single spot, ready for your own exploration or activation.


Links the power of Analytics to Brand experience, through customized data solutions.

Gives automatic access to the best qualified targets

You will be able to select and fine tunning the right target to your campaign, applying several filters, segmentations and algorithms.


Easily integrated with existing systems or platforms (e.g. CRM, BI, etc).


Accelerate sales and loyalty

Increase online & in-store purchases by reaching the right customers, at the right time, with the most relevant offers for each one.

Profiling and retention algorithms tailored to your business.

Access the best targets & insights for activation

Build and optimize targeted segments via interactive visualizations, that boost sales and loyalty.

Identify the next best offer.

Access to valuable insights for quick activation.

Reach a high level of personalization

Create personalized campaigns unifying all customer data, online and offline, at every touchpoint across all channels & applications.

Get a 360º degree view of your customers.

“A tool that transforms data into sales, simple and quick to implement in any company.”

How it Works?

Customer Intelligence Platform

Open data streaming platform simple to adopt, with customized AI , analytics and visualization capabilities.

Allows to tailor unique views of your customer journey, for marketing exploration or activation.

Customer 360º Solution

Provides a more integrated and enriched customer data, regardless the source and volume.

Gives the marketing users the single customer view to build a higher customer engagement.

Works in a hybrid environment

Cloud based platform, available
as-a-service or as on-premise solution.

Maximize the value of the current infrastructure, integrating with existing platforms (e.g. CRM, BI).

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Transform data into sales!
No matter your industry and where you are on your AI journey!

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